Since we’ve all been spending a lot more time inside recently, I’ve been testing out some recipes I usually wouldn’t have time to make. One of those recipes is vodka-infused gummy bears.

Gummy bears are super absorbent because of their high gelatin content, so when they’re submerged in vodka, they soak up the liquid and create a fun, yummy alcoholic treat!

I’ve seen a lot of recipes on how to make these, so I decided to combine a few and see what method worked best for me. I call these Quarantine Gummy Bears!

Step 1: Gather your ingredients

For this recipe, you’ll need:

  • Gummy bears (I used Haribo brand)
  • Vodka of your choice
  • Container or bowl

Step 2: Pour gummy bears in container

Fill your container or bowl with the desired amount of gummy bears you want to use. I ended up using about half of a 28.8 oz bag of Haribo gummy bears. After looking at multiple recipes online, this brand was the most recommended as they don’t disintegrate while soaking up the vodka.

It is important to make sure there is still about half the container space remaining after pouring the gummy bears in. The gummy bears will need room to expand while they absorb the vodka.

Tip: If you just went on a grocery run and don’t have gummy bears on hand, I ordered mine online from Target and they arrived just two days later in the mail!

Step 3: Pour vodka over gummy bears

Next, pour enough vodka in the container to fully cover the gummy bears. You can use whatever vodka you like as it shouldn’t have too much of an impact on the gummy bears.

I used Banyan Reserve Vodka because I discovered it is produced and bottled in St. Petersburg, Florida and I thought it was really neat to use vodka from a local distillery!

Step 4: Allow gummy bears to soak

Put the container with the gummy bears and vodka in the fridge uncovered and allow the gummy bears to soak for about two days, stirring at least twice a day so they absorb the vodka evenly and they don’t stick to the sides of the container.

After the first night of soaking, I decided to try the gummy bears as there was only a bit of vodka left in the bottom of the container and I figured they should be fine. Some recipes instruct letting them soak for just one night, but I found that my gummy bears had an extremely strong vodka taste and they were a bit slimy, so I allowed them to soak the full two days.

Step 5: Serve and enjoy!

After two full days of soaking, the gummy bears should have absorbed all of the vodka and should be a similar consistency to normal gummy bears. Take the container out of the fridge when you’re ready to serve!

You can put the gummy bears into smaller cups or containers if multiple people will be enjoying them or you can use your fingers or a spoon to scoop them out!

If you have leftover gummy bears after a night of snacking on them, just put them back in your fridge uncovered. They should last for a couple of months, but I’m sure they’ll be eaten long before then!

Quarantine Gummy Bears in Bowl